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Scribblings of a Nondescript

27 June 1989
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I'm a girl living in southish central Indiana. I'm pretty weird.. I'm sarcastic, and I swear like a sailor. If I'm nothing else, I'm honest. Sometimes I get really down on myself, but most of the time, my ego is through the roof. I think I'm gorgeous, funny, smart, and talented. I have an addictive personality, which makes me read a lot, play video games a lot, and engage in surreptitous activities a lot. Guess what that entails! I also love roleplaying in said video games on the internet, in MMORPGs. I've recently acquired a taste for the card game Magic: The Gathering.

I don't really feel like putting all my interests in the interest box.. I might do it sometime. I'm agnostic. I'm also proud to be a queer lady. I can't really say I'm 100% lesbian, because I still get some tingle for the boys now and again, but nowhere near enough to call myself bisexual. Pff labels. Also, I've been in love and together with my girlfriend, Nicole, for rounding on 3 years, which is about as long as I've been honest with myself about my sexuality. The one thing I can say about the gay community is that I wish we could all stand together instead of dividing ourselves on stupid issues. We need all the help we can get.

Anyway, enough about me. If you really want to get to know me more, for whatever reason, I have my AIM persona listed, or you can message me to find some other way to chat.